Compatible touch display 3.5 to 4.3 inch

I am using iMX6ULL, with Iris carrier board and Linux.

Can anyone provide information on compatible TFT display between 4.3"(preferably) and 3.5" with either capacitive touch (preferably) or resistive touch.

i can use the Toradex adapter boards as required, but I need to know the driver for the TFT and touch are supported by the toradex Linux Kernel, or the kernel can be easily modified to use the display.

I am planning on using QT.

Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks

Hi, on Colibri imx6ull you can use any parallel LCD display regardless of the screen size. The display driver is ready in the Linux kernel. The correct resolution is configured according to this page.
For 4-wire resistive touch, it is also supported by Colibri iMX6ULL out-of-box. For capacitive touch, the customized device tree and kernel driver are usually required. For example, our 7-inch capacitive touch has a atmel touch controller and it is enabled by a device tree overlay.

Thank you.
That information is useful to progress forward.