Command to check Ixora carrier board version

With the new release of the Ixora board V1.1A, is there any method or command that we can use to know what version of the Ixora board that is being used? This is because I am planning to develop scripts that can determine the version of the Ixora as I have used both V1.0A and V1.1A.

The OS that I am using is Linux. Thanks for the tip, I will look into the eeprom.

May I know which operating system you are using Linux or WinCE ?

As such there is no possible way to figure out on which particular carrier board or which particular version of carrier board the module is running on. Said that may be one approach is to check for the EEPROM from your application/bootloader, if EEPROM is available on the Ixora carrier board then the version is V1.0A else V1.1A(On Ixora V1.1A EEPROM is not assembled).

I would like to ask if someone from Toradex could give an update to this question?

Ixora V1.2A has a EEPROM assembled by default. Can we use it from Linux to see if our program is running on an Ixora Carrier?

What other information is stored there and how can we read/write to this EEPROM?


As you already said there is an EEPROM on Ixora 1.2A. On the early samples of Ixora 1.2A this EEPROM is not programmed.

May I know, what is your application for EEPROM?

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Dear Jaski,

the first application during development could be, to check on which carrier board our software is currently running at change the GPIOs used by the software accordingly, as the GPIOs used differ when we change from Apalis Eval to Ixora.

During series producion we could store our serial number, manufacturing date etc. on the EEPROM. Therefore it would be nice to know if it is intended for costumer use or if Toradex is storing already information there.

Finally, is there some easy to use library availible to read/from the EEPROM or do we have to develop our own functions on top of the I2C layer?

Hi @m.sauer

Thanks for the information.
This is a very nice and valuable application for the EEPROM.

In near Future, we will provide information how to use this the EEPROM in production. For the moment, you can use the driver EEPROM for handling of the EEPROM, which is included already in the kernel.

For U-Boot, we will integrate the EEPROM driver in future, but currently you can help your self using i2c commands.

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