Colibri VF61 on Iris does not output anything on a display

I purchased a Colibri VF61 module and an Iris carrier board.
Because Iris has a DVI connector, I connected a computer display with the DVI interface.
But I do not get anything on the display. The display stays black and idle.
Does not Colibri VF61 have the display output capability?

Vybrid (VF50/VF61) does not have HDMI/DVI output but has RGB output.
This RGB is converted to analog VGA on Iris and routed to the analog part of the DVI connector.
You can connect a VGA display to Iris DVI connector using the “DVI to VGA Adapter” included in Carrier Board Accessory Kit.

You can connect a LCD directly driven by RGB, too. If you choose one of EDT displays (5.7"/7.0"), you can connect it to X3 on the bottom surface of Iris.