Colibri VF50 using eMMC insted of SD card

we have an own carrier board for VF50 module, using SD card reader the same way like Colibri Evaluation Board V3.1 has. We would like to replace the SD card reader on our carrier board with eMMC for more reliable data storage.
eMMC desc.

I am trying to check whether is it compatible with the SD card reader or not.
Do you have any experience with the eMMC, or is it possible using eMMC the same way like the Colibri Evaluation Board SD reader socket?


Hi @martkiss

Yes, it is possible to use an eMMC with the SD card interface. The SD interface features only a four-bit interface while the eMMC has eight bits. This is not a problem since the eMMC is backward compatible with one and four-bit interface. Just leave the bits 4 to 7 unconnected at the eMMC card. The interface voltage is fixed to 3.3V on the VFxx module. Therefore, the higher speed grades of the eMMC card cannot be used. Please also note that you cannot boot the VFxx module from the external eMMC since the SoC is fused to boot from the on-module NAND flash.

Thanks for the info!

You are welcome.