Colibri vf50 rs 485 rst delay

Hello, I just would like to ask for confirmation if the following is true (or whether there is any workaround):

Note that neither i.MX6 nor Vybrid
based modules evaluate the delay

I saw following question which is regarding VF50 and code there sets RST delays and nobody says it will not work - so I’m just guessing if people just didn’t see it important to say that, or they didn’t look at the code, or if they just forgot to warn op: How to Define RS485 in Device Tree - Toradex Community

Or does it actually work? Did anyone test it?

If not, are there any workarounds?

Thanks a lot, Rado.

sorry for the formatting, it omitted newlines I made :confused:

Both serial driver do not read the delay_rts_before_send or delay_rts_after_send, so they definitely don’t support the two settings. I am not aware of a work around.