Colibri VF50, file system protection : Standby mode help


I am working on the colibri VF50 and I was wondering what was really doing the standby mode. Is it safe if power is cut for the file system? I really want to protect our file system from corruption and be sure that no write, or something else is done when a power cut occurs. But I don’t want to power-off in case our small battery is strong enough to keep the device alive. Sorry this part is new for me so perhaps my explanation is not obvious.
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hi martin

which version of bsp are you using?
So what do you want to know exactly? What is running in Standby mode? If the power cut can lead to file corruption on normal or standby mode?

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My bsp version is “Linux colibri-vf 4.4.59-2.7.2+g7cfa321 #4 Tue May 2 16:23:35 CEST 2017 armv7l GNU/Linux”
My first interrogation was, what is running in stand by mode?
It would be very interesting also to know if power cut can lead to file corruption in normal mode and in standby mode.
If file corruption can exist in these two cases, is they a good way to prevent that ? Setting file system in read only perhaps?

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The standby sleep state puts the Vybrid SoC in STOP mode. So nothing is running but RAM is powered and keep its content. All other peripherals are also powered on. Cutting a power will lead to loosing current state and equal to system reboot.
VF50 uses UBI Journaling file system wich should prevent file system corruption in event of unexpected power loss. Though some recently written data could be lost. However cutting power during NAND write operation can create some extra data corruption problem on HW level which may be not recoverable by UBI FS.
Cutting power during stand by mode should be safe from file system point of view.


Okay that sounds good i will use the stand by mode to prevent file system corruption.

Thanks for your support.

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Hi, you are welcome.