Colibri VF50 and Win CE, how to power off

Hello, I managed to write a small application for the Colibri VF50 as a proof of concept for our project.
I did not find in the knowledge base how to bring the system in a safe mode before cutting the power supply.
Is this necessary? How can I achieve it? Is the some kind of hibernation/suspend state?

I’ve found the power management features page of the .NET reference by Microsoft, but it seems to refer to an older version of Windows CE and I cannot issue the command listed there.

Any help is appreciated!

Kind Regards,


VF50 is an embedded device so power down should not be an issue but there are still some things you have to consider.

  • if you are writing to flash you should finish all your writes before cutting power
  • Also give the system some time to flush all the caches
  • You could also dismount partition to make sure everything was finished

VF50 module current does not yet support suspend state. Its planned to release in Q1 you can fallow our roadmap for VF modules here → Windows Embedded Compact - VF50 / VF61 BSP Release

Thank you Luka, this helps!