Colibri T30 win10 IoT doesn't boot

I have bought a Colibri T30 for win10 IoT from Toradex, now i have the Problem that it won’t boot. I’ve already followed the guide and flashed the Windows IoT thingy again to the T30 but i won’t boot either. All i get is some stuff in the terminal when i connet it to my pc and use TeraTerm. But this is the only Thing i get. Even the Monitor doesn’t recognize it as a Video Output device (im using HDMI).

Terminal Output:
Press [SPACE] to enter EBL, [DELETE] to enter General Setting
Current time: 12:00:04, 08/03/2012
Version Unknown
Project Name - Cardhu2
Build on 2016/01/27 15:28:33PST
Based on commit 8d9f05234f0c3948f3149881634290262b01394c
Updating firmware…
No new firmware found.
Continue to boot.

I hope someone can help me and sorry for my bad english
sincerly Aeolin

  • Could you provide us the output of the flashing process (the one from the serial port as well the one from the flashing tool)?
  • Are you still able to flash Windoes CE?

i’ve got it to work now, chnaging the Monitor helped, it has to be a rather new Monitor.