Colibri T30 wec2013 GPIOLib init fails

GPIOLib init returns NULL?

I quickly tested this on a Colibri T30 using GPIO Lib from wincelib_bin_V2_0bis_2868 on a WEC2013 2.0 beta 2 image. Everything worked fine, the Level of SODIMM 135 switched on and off.

Please make sure you are using the right libraries. There is currently a different library package for the Tegra family as for the Vybrid and IMX6 modules. You need this ones.

Could it be your device has somehow have a wrong product id programmed on your device? If you start the latest Update Tool (you can get it from here) and click “Version Info”, You should see on the first Line if your module also thinks it is a Colibri T30 or not.

In case it is not, please set the product ID in the bootloader and try again. If the init still fails. Please send us the whole project with all the libraries you are using, so we can test with that.