Colibri T30 USB connection problem Win7 x64

Hello. I’m trying to set up a connection through USB to Colibri T30 (Windows Embedded Compact 7) and start develop under Windows 7 in Visual Studio 2008.

I did, what I saw here:

But unfortunately my system doesn’t see connection with Colibri.

I created easy C++ project for Toradex_CE700 (ARMv4I), like it described here:

When I try to deploy my solution, I’m getting:

1>------ Deploy started: Project: Test, Configuration: Debug Toradex_CE700 (ARMv4I) ------
1>Device is not ready. If target is an ActiveSync device, verify whether ActiveSync connection is running.
1>Connect to device failed.

Can you please help me and tell what could be a reason of this problem?

First you need to make sure that Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) is installed on your Win7 PC and can connect to the Colibri T30. You can download the WMDC at Microsoft. At the time of writing, the following link was valid:
Description of Windows Mobile Device Center

After connecting the Colibri the USB cable

  • You should see a USB device “Colibri” in your Device Manager

  • The WMDC should connect and look like this:


There’s no configuration required on the Colibri module. It will connect automatically after the USB is connected.
Once the WMDC connection has been established, also the VS2008 should have no issues connecting to the device.

Side note: As an alternative to WMDC, you could connect your debugger over Ethernet.

Thank you for reply.
I’ve installed WMDC earlier, but the problem is that no connection displayes there in both cases: Micro-USB <-> USB A and USB B <-> USB A.

When I plug in cable new USB Serial Converter appears in available USB controllers list of Device Manager and system tells that there are no updates necessary for it’s driver. At Colibri side TX and RX indicators of Evaluation Board blink for one or two times when connecting the cable and show nothing after this.

Among notes there is a recommendation to use a 12V power supply. Now I’m using 9V and device works. I doubt that this could be the cause of my situation, but this is the only nuance in which I moved away from what is described in the documentation.

May be there is anything else that needs to be done or checked?

Dear @nov

Let’s focus on making your Colibri visible in the Device manager.

I assume you are using the Colibri Evaluation Board V3.2, am I correct? The Micro-USB connector (X30) and the USB-B connector (X29) are shorted together - use only one of them at a time! I recommend using X29.

To avoid confusion, do not connect anything to the other USB-B connector (X27) for these tests.

Clear the registry to make sure the USB port is configured to factory defaults.
You should see the Colibri in the device manager under [Mobile Devices\Microsoft USB Sync] (this is what I see under Windows 10). If you see a new USB to Serial converter instead, you connected the USB cable to the wrong connector (X27).

Your 9V supply is not an issue. The highest voltage we need to generate on the Evaluation Board is 5V, therefore any input voltage higher than about 7V is fine.

Regards, Andy

Thank you a lot, Andy. Your answer was very useful.

Yes, I’m using the Colibri Evaluation Board Rev. 3.2. I followed your recommendations and finaly my system saw Colibri device. If it will be helpful for someone with similar problem, I’m using X29 connector.