Colibri T30 performance issues

We are evaluating to replace in our system T20 modules with T30 ones, so we are performing some performance test using Windows embedded Compact Test Kit.
The results are not so encouraging for what it concerns memory timings and some gdi operations (see attached files)
We have seen that there is an open issue on that so we have installed the related patch that provided some enhancement, although T20 performance seems still to be better on memory timings.
Further improvements are planned for the ver 2.0?
Do you have any suggestion on system benchmarks for performance evaluation?

@lerimini: Thanks for the report. Could you please quickly provide us some more details:

  • Which Image version did you use on T20 and T30?
  • Did you use the default images without any changes on both systems?

Hi @samuel.bissig, we use default 1.4 image for both systems.

In the Release Detail for 9411, it say it’s only for WEC7. I guess that RAM timing changes effects all WindowsCE versions?

@TJO: Yes, you are right, it would also affect WEC 2013, (CE6 we officially do not support for T30). Thanks for the hint, I will update that issue accordingly.

We improved memory and graphics performance for T30 in latest release V2.0 beta 1 (See issue 14748). With our tests the T30 now beats the T20 on graphics and memory performance. Image V2.0 beta 1 will be released in a few days.