Colibri t30 it win ce7

how to use internal storage to update image for colibri t30 with ethernet cable.

Hi @Aladin,

Not sure what you mean.
It’s not a good idea to use the internal Flash to store the image you want to use for update.
If by internal Storage you mean Ram Storge, that is OK. Any folder except \Flashdisk and other special mount points is basically RAM storage.
Now, i’m not sure what you mean by the Ethernet part. Do you want to do a field update through ethernet?
If the device is already set-up properly you might be able to upload the image through FTP or SMB.

exactly dear friend with ftp protocol using Wincsp or filezilla software, but I don’t understand why not /flashdisk knowing that I have already tried that but my card can no longer start or display on the tft lcd
Thank you very much for your help i have 40 carte pxa 320 it and 20 collibri t30 dans mon chantier

and Real vnc for display and control

It’s ok now,another question please can I install an image.bin taken from the pxa 320 win ce 5.0 card and install it on colibri t30 with win ce 7.0 or a newer card I fear that they will soon abandon production

Hi @Aladin ,

Each Module Family (PXA, Tegra, …) needs it’s own HW specific Image so it’s not possible to program the PXA320 image on T30 module. You need to download the Tegra image for T30

thank you very much for your support, I am a beginner in this world of toradex and I am trying to take restaurant images just with Ethernet knowing that I do not have a support card I managed to take a bin image for pxa 320 and restored it and now I was able to take an image for colibri t30 with extensions nb.0, bmz etc and I think that restoring it with a.cfg file is that right while just using ethrnet? Anyway thank you for your help

Sorry image with application

if there is a method to immigrate to a recent card and keep the application that would be ideal