Colibri T30 CPU cooling


Is there a mounting bracket and fan for CPU cooling? Does T30 shutdown if temperature goes too high?


Hello Alec,

As far as I know, we do not personally offer mounting brackets/fans for the Colibri T30. For your second question the T30 does feature a hardware shutdown for high temperatures in excess of the following: “CPU temperature > 115 °C or Module temperature > 95°C (On WinCE, its limited to 85°C)”.

For any other thermal management related questions you can refer to the following article: Thermal Management | Toradex Developer Center

The above article also contains a document with temperature measurements for the T30. Hope this helps answer your questions.

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Temperature Monitoring: please find this information in section 10.5 on page 43 of the Colibri T30 datasheet:

Cooling: the Colibri standard does not feature a thermal solution mounting bracket. If the application requires a thermal cooling, the best solution is probably using a thermal grease to fix the heatsink to the module processor. This is normally enough to guarantee good operating temperatures.
Further information related to this topic is indicated in the above-mentioned datasheet section.

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Thank you. you and jeremias.tx were both helpful

I have another feedback. We are just about to release a new beta version of our WinCE BSP and images 2.2b2. In this release we implemented RAM frequency scaling which helps lowering the temperature of T30 modules as long as not the full RAM bandwidth is used and the frequency can be automatically lowered therefore. We saw huge improvements on the temperature and power consumption side. The related feature is on our roadmap:

So in case you have the chance to use a newer image, you should give it a try. The release should be available in the next few days and we will also write some documentation about this feature.