Colibri T20 network availability after boot

After the boot process is completed, the network connection is available only after a long time (about 30 minutes) and only if I disconnect and reconnect the ethernet cable to the router (the device is turned on with the cable already connected).
If I disconnect and reconnect the cable before the above timeout, the netwok connection is not detected.
If I don’t disconnect and reconnect the cable it seems that the connection is never detected (I executed a test waiting for more than 1 hour).

The OS is WinCE (Tegra_WinCE_Image_1.4).

How can I fix this problem? This is very harmful because the device shall operate on the network exchanging data with an host.

Many thanks.

Did you once test with image 2.0 final? Do you still see the issue there?

Your issue could be the same as 15455.

You get the latest image from here. Please also use the latest Update Tool to flash the image.

@fabrif: Just give it a try. You can use the Gpio Config Tool and toggle the pin manually, so there is no need to write some software to test it.

Many thanks Samuel for your answer.
I will be probably able to check the installed image next week.

What about the workaround suggested in 15455?
Do you think it can fix my problem?