Colibri T20 maximum HDMI cable length

Hi, what is the maximum length allowed for the HDMI cable on Colibri T20? I could not find any references on the toradex wiki.

Colibri T20 512MB v1.2A
Colibri HDMI Adapter

According to the HDMI standard the maximum length is 30 meter. I have succeded in using a 10 meter HDMI cable with a T30 on custom hardware.
But if this also apply to the T20 i dont know

Hi @f.ruscelli!

In the industry, it is usual to not exceed 5 meters with passive cables.

There are cases where 8 meters still works, but anything longer can cause communication issues.

Also, if you need to reach greater distances, you can use an active HDMI cable.

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