Colibri T20 and Iris Carrier Board heating and hanging issue

I have a colibri T20 and iris Carrier Board. I have made a simple program to run on the board. Connected mouse and display with the board. I am giving 12v power supply to the board. At first time, the deployed exe runs great. After closing it and restarting the exe, the exe starts hanging. By hanging I mean to say exe starts with a delay of 5-6 seconds then program starts with more delay. At first use, exe works great but in 2nd or 3rd use it slows down. What could be the reason. Also the processor heats up too much.

First of all. What does you program do?? Do you use hardware and API and IRQ?

It sounds to me that you are using some sort of hardware feature (and hardware interrupt).
When you application is closed down, it does not de-init the hardware probably. Making a interrupt service routine haning → High CPU usage

Hi TJO. Thanks for your help. I am not using any IRQ. All I am using is the GPIO library and because my code is running in a while(1) so it is not de-init the GPIO library, so may be this is the reason why its hanging.


If you have a while(1) in you program, it may be the issue.
Try to close down the application correct

As @TJO mentioned in his comment, may be the process did not terminate properly. Please check once witht he Colibri Monitor which processes are still running after you terminate your application. You can also monitor the workload of the CPUs there.