Colibri T20 512MB IT not booting

hello, i have a bodytec by miha wich has a colibri T20 512mb v1.2a inside and stucked in the logo. i’m not a software developer and just want to know what can i do to fix the issue.
by the way, i don’t know if it has linux or windows, can anyone help me please?

Hi @kaoicell ,

It would be fairly hard to help diagnose this and support you without having many more details. I would highly recommend you talk to the manufacturer of the device itself. That would be your first point of contact then if they thought they needed support form us it can be much more targeted where we could look. The reason they would be first is that they could have done many different things on SW and HW that could be impacting the issue that we would have no idea how to approach.