Colibri PXA320 corrupt NAND

I have a corrupted PXA320, that I attempted to restore using the Colibri loader, but it seems I overwrote the config block somehow*. Now when I use the Colibri loader it gives an error stating “Unknown Flash Type”.

Is there a procedure using JTAG (openocd) or some other means of rewriting the memory? I can’t find a working Openocd config to read/write the NAND on the PXA320.

Hw is revision 1.2.

*I attempted to copy the Uboot loader off another PXA320 copied using DD from /dev/mtb0 then used CreateTBin and attempted to write it back but it created a length that was +47 bytes larger than the actual image for some reason.

Please check this article. Your flash can be corrupted due to flash wearing. In this case, recovery may not be possible.

Looks like I had a broken FFC cable, I’ve tried a new ffc and carrier and its working again. :sweat_smile:

Glad your problem was solved.