Colibri PXA 270 Os install

Hello, I have:

Colibri Pxa270 v1.2
Orchid rev.1.0
Windows embedded CE 6.0

The problem is that I need linux running on the machine. I took a look at some of your “tutorials” and I was completely lost.
I hoked up the RS232 and I got into the bootloader. I saw a option: Download image to FLASH now. But it needs ethernet connection with the image ready (I dont know how to do it, never tried a lan os installation).
So I need to find a simple way how to install a Linux into the machine. I was unable to find old versions of Linux for the Colibri PXA270 as well. Please… Help :slight_smile:

We do not officially support running Embedded Linux on the Colibri PXA270 which BTW meanwhile has gone end of life. However, you may find some ancient as-is BSPs here. Alternatively, one may run mainline U-Boot and or the mainline Linux kernel (experimental device tree available upon request) plus userspace of your liking (e.g. using OpenEmbedded/Yocto Project or Buildroot).

Oh OK. What’s the simplest way to install either windows or linux? I have only RS232 and ethernet avialable. I have a laptop running a ubuntu. Please help. It’s an interesting piece of hardware. I want to restore it’s functionality

Well, the official documentation for this legacy product may be found here: