Colibri iMX8X and Iris V2.0 LVDS output show ghosting image

Hi Support Team,

We found Colibri iMX8x v1.0D + Iris v2.0 LVDS (X7 Conn) output will show ghosting image randomly with Capacitive Touch Display 10.1 LVDS display, the failure rate is aournd 10% which means you can reproduce the issue aournd 10 times power on/off testing, and it will recovered after another power on/off cycle.

OS installed on Colibri iMX8x is latest ycoto linux multimedia image quarterly release v5.5, devicetree overlay is well deployed for the 10.1 inch display(colibri-imx8x_parallel-rgb-lvds_overlay.dtbo display-dpi-lt170410_overlay.dtbo). The photo and video recording for failure condition please find as below.
./ photo

./ video recording

The issue was originally found on customized carrier and another LVDS display which use TI DS90C385AMTX RGB-LVDS converter solution. Then after futther testing we found it also can be reproduced with Iris v2.0 and 10.1inch display, so it should not be issue related to specific display.

Another teseting, with the same colibri imx8x module and Iris v2.0 carrier, we change to use the Capacitive Touch Display 7 inch connected to Iris v2.0 RGB output interface X3, it always works fine with around 20 times power on/off testing. So till now, we guess the issue happened during RGB to LVDS convertion, not sure HW or SW related, could you please help check on this?

Thanks and Best Regards

addtional test today - same Iris v2.0 carrier and 10.1nich display, with colibri imx6s 256M v1.1A module, ycoto linux multimedia bsp v5.5 installed and devicetree overlay colibri-imx6_lcd-lt170410_overlay.dtbo enabled, the display just keep working fine with more than 20+ times power on/off cycles.