Colibri iMX7D : JTAG Eclipse support

Hello !

It been a while since I am interested to heterogeneous core processor and before I get one, there is some things that I would like to ask you.

  1. I have seen debug support with Keil MD-5 IDE but can I debug the M4 from Eclipse IDE with the Olimex JTAG as well ?
  2. Does JTAG can debug M4 while the A7 is running Linux properly ?
  3. This link show how to load a firmware binary to M4 with TFTP. I am wondering from where the TFTP command is asserting ? From U-boot ? And where is located the binary file ? I assume not in the SD card or internal flash.
  1. Not out-of-the-box. Olimex JTAG relies on OpenOCD support as far as I know, and there is currently no script/config file for i.MX 7, at least not once which support the M4 core. There is support for Cortex-M4 debugging using Segger J-Link debug adapter. And I worked on preliminary support in Black Magic Probe.
  2. Yes, you can halt/debug only the M4 core using JTAG and left the A7 core(s) running.
  3. Yes, this commands are meant to be run in the U-Boot console. The binary file is located on your TFTP server running on the host with the IP address specified in the environment variable serverip ( by default).