Colibri iMX7 - not booting if ss.enable=0

Config block: ss.enable=1 and registry: [HKLM\Drivers\Display\Colibri] UseSplashSettings = 1 (or = 0) all is ok, the system is booting up.

Config block: ss.enable=0 and registry: [HKLM\Drivers\Display\Colibri] UseSplashSettings = 0 no Bootlogo visible (ok), but the system is not booting. I changed the registry in the flash memory.

Do you have any suggestions?

I managed to reproduce this. We will fix it in one of the next releases.

If you would only like to have black splash screen I can send you back picture and you use splash screen settings.

Thank you. That would be ok for the moment.

Here’s a black splash screen that you can use with current loader: