Colibri-imx6ull UART unexpacted behavior in received data

Hi team,

I’m using the UART_C 's Rx and Tx pin for receiving and transmitting data. I want to receive one frame on that uart.

When i trying to receive the frame multi-pal time i’m seeing some garbage value on that uart.

my Ascii frame : 01 03 00 00 00 05 85 C9

I just converted this frame into hex and sending the data via PC’s console .

FYI: root@nlg:~/.node-red# uname -a

Linux nlg 4.14.159+g1f43bce1 #1 SMP Mon Jun 8 14:10:18 UTC 2020 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux

why i’m getting the garbage value while sending the frame multi-pal times?

please check the attached logs for the text



Hi @hitendra_prajapati ,

Could you please provide your BSP version which you are using.
Are you able to send other data without any issue ?

Hi @deven.tx

I made custom image using the kernel 4.14-2.0 and based on poky3.0.
BSP version is 3.0b3 .

yes , i’m able to send string data.

Hi @hitendra_prajapati ,

Okay, Let me check with my setup and will update you.

Hi @deven.tx

any update ?

Hi @hitendra_prajapati ,

Kindly allow me some time for test.
Thanks for your cooperation.

Hi @hitendra_prajapati ,

Echo command is not suitable for testing HEX values.
Could you please check by using the C application to send and receive and update me.
see here.

Hi @deven.tx,

I tried with the C program given in attachment and found that sometimes we got the garbage frame while receiving on the board.

please check the attachment for the code and log. Please try at you end and share the result…

Attachment : link text

Hi @hitendra_prajapati ,

It can be the H/W issue. Are you able to see the same behavior with Toradex carrier board also ?

hi @deven.tx

It can be the H/W issue. Are you able
to see the same behavior with Toradex
carrier board also ?

NO, I got correct frame in Toradex Evolution development V3.2.

Hi @hitendra_prajapati ,

Since it is not happening with the Toradex board.
I would suggest review your hardware layout and schematic, especially your UART part.

Hi @deven.tx ,

Yesterday I tired with different frames but found issue in mostly below kind of frame.

ex. “01 04 00 01 00 05,61,C9”

Can you please check at your end and let us know why we got the issue in that kind of frames.

check attachment : link text

Hi @hitendra_prajapati ,

Are you testing with Toradex Board?

If NOT, can you please test with the Toradex Board and try to reproduce the issue.