Colibri iMX6ULL: Reading the reset cause

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A customer wants to check the reset cause at kernel level to see if it was an expected shutdown or if it was the watchdog.

I believe this is easily accessible through U-boot, but couldn’t see it at kernel level in dmesg. Is there any file/register/kernel module where this is logged for easy check?

Or would the customer have to develop its own solution to read this from the SoC register?

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Hi @alvaro.tx

The Reset Cause is shown in U-Boot (Bsp 2.8), the customer would need to pass this to kernel. Unfortunately there is no driver which can do that.

Regarding reading the SoC Register, I don’t have Information about iMX6ULL, but some SOC has a read clear register, this means if the register containing Reset Cause is read, the content of the register is cleared. You would need to check this in Reference Manual.

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Thanks @jaski.tx . That is what I feared. Do you know any reference example where we:

  1. Read a value in U-Boot (This is shown in the code)
  2. Pass this to the kernel
  3. Read at kernel level the passed value

With this I could let the customer know to build their own solution, but I don’t know this information myself. Thanks, Alvaro.

No, I don’t know an example but let me check on this and i will come back to you tomorrow.

HI @alvaro.tx

I found a solution. This code will set a U-Boot variable and save the reset cause in hexadecimal number.

diff --git a/board/toradex/common/tdx-common.c b/board/toradex/common/tdx-common.c
index b48d0df605..98e045cfb6 100644
--- a/board/toradex/common/tdx-common.c
+++ b/board/toradex/common/tdx-common.c
@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@
 #include "tdx-cfg-block.h"
 #include "tdx-common.h"
+#include <asm/arch-imx/cpu.h>
 static char tdx_serial_str[9];
@@ -87,6 +88,8 @@ int show_board_info(void)
+       setenv_hex("reset_cause", get_imx_reset_cause());
         * Check if environment contains a valid MAC address,
         * set the one from config block if not

To decode the hexadecimal number, you need to look in arch/arm/imx-common/cpu.c.

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Thanks Jaski!