Colibri iMx6ull OTA updates

Hi, we need to add OTA update functionality to this board - i.e not use TEZI or any manual on-site way to update the product.
Our image size is still under ~200MB so we think we should be able to fit an OTA capability on the product.

  1. Is there any reason why we can’t run
    Mender (or SWupdate) on this part?
    For example; can we make the changes
    required to flash partitions etc…?

  2. Please can you help* to walk me
    though how to modify the instructions
    here for iMx6ULL and toradex BSP3.04(what changes I need to make from iMx7dual1G->iMx6uLL512M)?
    Toradex Colibri iMX7 Dual 1GB - Yocto Project - Mender Hub

  3. For example: the example above is rocko(2.4) and it requests changing the Branch - but you BSP3 is thud and I’m sure that will screw things up…
    what do I need to change to
    support your BSP3 Thud?

*I’ve started to look at Mender but ran it to some issues with Yocto on my first attempt complaining about different u-boot version conflicts “PREFERRED_VERSION_u-boot-toradex” - so I thought I’d check if my approach is valid before going down the rabbit hole to try get this to work.

A strange comment by “alvaro.tx” here…
“I’m afraid that what you are asking is something not remotely available, at least for the iMX6ULL”

You’ve also go this regarding your partnership:

Hi @avrobot

The instructions you sent are for iMX7D with eMMC, since you are using iMX6ULL and it has a NAND, there are a lot of changes that must be done to get it working.

My suggestion is to follow this article, that was done for iMX7 with NAND.

About the yocto version, you will need to take a look into the mender layer and see which version it supports. Then you can take an image version that matches the yocto version.

In this article, you can see which BSP version matches the yocto version you want.

Best regards,

Daniel Morais

Hi Daniel,
So to use Mender I need to use an older Toradex Yocto version. Some concern is all the work we made so far with BSP3 - hopefully it will work. We only want to consider LTS toradex releases because this is for mass production so that means we can consider BSP2.8 if we must… In the link you provided the following combination is stated:

master branch (Mender and Yocto) + rocko-next branch (Toradex)

But this is from a while ago so Do you think I can use Mender Rocko with Toradex BSP 2.8 ? Can you advise what combination I should use?

The other option is I use the Thud branch of Mender with Toradex BSP3 - BUT I need to port the example to Thud… What option is more likely to be the path of least resistance?


hi @avrobot

Sorry for the delayed answer. Is your issue solved?

Best regards,