Colibri imx6ull LM006 wifi dual interface

Dear community,
I am trying to use the imx6ull with the LM006 wifi dongle and in the past using the imx6s 256MB I found a patch (that is attached to this post link text) for the 3.14.52 kernel that enable a second wireless interface that could act as softap.
In this way I achieve the result to have an interface wlan0 that act as host and a second interface wlan1 that work as softap.
Now using the latest kernel 4.4 from the BSP 2.8b4 the patch doeasn’t apply.
Do you know if it is possible to use the LM006 in this way on the new kernel?

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HI @Stefano

AP Mode is not supported with LM006. You can check this using the command iw phy | grep Supported -A 5 and then looking at Supported interface modes.

By the way, why are you using colibri iMX6s with LM006? Instead of this, you should use iMX6ULL Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi Chip on the module iMX6ULL provide dual interface out of box with our regular Bsp.

Best regards, Jaski

Hi Jasky, thank you for your answer.

When we start to work on this project the imx6ull was not available, right now we have a couple of installations that are running on imx6s with LM006 (or other dongle based on the same chipset).

Can you point me to any (maybe realtek) documentation about the new kernel driver? Because searching on the web I see that in the kernel 4.4 there was a driver changes on the rtl8192cu module, but I can’t find a clear driver mods change log in order to compare the drivers and see if our patch can work with it.

Thank you for your support,

Thanks for this Information.

We never used the 4.4 Kernel for our modules. The list of used Kernels for iMX6 can be found here.

I have found this site for the driver for the chip RTL8188eu. You could compile this against the kernel version you want.