Colibri iMX6ULL External Memory Bus available on Carrier Board?


I am keen to start a new project using the Colibri iMX6ULL 512MB IT. I have an FPGA with a 32-bit parallel interface and need to perform reads and writes to it. I could use the 16-bit External Memory Bus and perform two operations.

I have looked at the Colibri Carrier boards and it looks to me that the EMB is not available on any connectors. I would like to use an existing carrier board to kick start my development. Is my only option to develop my own carrier board?

In the Colibri evaluation carrier board datasheet it mentions direct access to the 32-bit CPU bus (through the X3 extension connector). Is this something I could realistically use?

Many thanks!

Unfortunately External Memory bus is not a Colibri standard interface. It’s available on several Colibri modules but on different X1 pins. The External Memory Bus on the Colibri iMX6ULL is not compatible with any other Colibri module since the required interface pins are not located at the standard Colibri position. The bus is only available as alternate functions of other interfaces such as the parallel RGB LCD, the SD card, and the camera interface. Some bus signals are not available on the module edge connector since they are located at the NAND interface, which is used to boot the module.
So Toradex have no carrier board designed exclusively for Colibri IMX6ULL with dedicated EMB connector.

You can build your own carrier board using Toradex designs like Aster or Iris . Or order it from our HW partners.

Thanks for the reply. I will get started on some changes to your carrier boards. Looking at Viola as we don’t need many interfaces (UART, USB, External Memory Bus) to get us going. We use Altium as well, so it is extremely useful that you provide the full Altium projects.

Hi @servo !

Toradex carrier boards have publicly available projects and schematics. You can refer to the carrier board on the Toradex Developer website for technical information:

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