Colibri iMX6DL Low Audio Output


We have found a low sound effect with WinEC7 on an Colibri iMX6DL board, and as we know that we can increase the volume through the Control Panel → Volume & Sounds. To increase the volume we have added and save registry the “HPVolume” as we have followed the toradex link Windows Embedded Compact - iMX6 BSP Release.

But, Still I’m facing the same issue(Low sound effect) after adding this “HPVolume”. Could you please help us to resolve and how to achieve the high volume on iMX6DL board?

Siva J

Hi @Siva1985,
You can increase the volume from Control Panel->Volume&Sounds, then use the scroll bar for volume control, save registry & reboot.
In your case, your application controls are decreasing the volume. Please take reference from these audio playback demos and modify your demo if necessary.