Colibri-IMX6DL Altium Component library

where to find Colibri-IMX6DL Altium Component library ?

Hi @kave

What exactly are you looking for?

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I am designing my board base on colibri-imx6, in altium
I use the component that available in Colibri evaluation board altium file.
but it is confuse when using, for example if I re-annotate it the pin number became wrong and messy
so i want to have the component library separately, maybe it work fine for me

Hi @kave, unfortunately, we don’t provide to our customers the CAE data for our modules, only the carrier board projects. Which product Altium project would you like to have?

Regarding the annotation that changes the pin numbers, I am not sure I understood correctly the problem. If you provide me more details, I could try to help you.

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I am looking for Colibri IMX6dl.

What exactly do you mean with that?

I want to design my Board sch in Altium,
should I design Colibri-Imx6dl Schematic library component by my self?
or I could get it from toradex?
what to do you ( Toradex ) recommend?

Hi @kave

Since most of the Pins of the SoM can be multiplexed to the function used by the Customer, it is just not possible to provide a generic library component for our SoM.

You can inspire your self from the existing carrier board’s schematics to create your library component.

Please have a look also at the section 3.2 and 4.4.1 of the SoM’s Datasheet for the Naming of the pins for your library component.

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