Colibri imx6d reboots frequently with viola board when starting 3d block

Dear all,
we have a 3D graphics demo running on an i.mx6d, driving a parallel LCD (through an FPD-Link serializer/deserializer combo that is powered independently).

The application runs fine when the Colibri is mounted on p.ex. an Aster board, but with the Viola boards that we’d like to use for the demo (smaller size), we see consistent reboots at most 500ms after the 3D scene gets started.
I suspect this is a problem with the 3v3 supply, are there any known counter measures that we can take before I blindly start to solder capacitors to every Vcc pin?

What exact power supply are you using (e.g. how much output current does it provide)?

Thanks for asking the obvious question that I should have asked myself (software guys tend to trust their hardware, no idea why… :slight_smile:
Seems it really IS the wall plug – rated at 7.2VA / 600mA but cannot deal with the consumption peaks. The board works fine with our lab supply.
Case closed, thanks

You are very welcome. The power supply does really matter. May happen to any of us sometimes (;-p).