Colibrì iMX6 with Windows Embedded Compact 7 sometimes hangs at boot

I finally configured the platform (Colibrì iMX6DL v1.1B 512Mb) and it runs as expected on my carrirer board, where I used in Production the T20.

I migrated from T20 to iMX6 and everything works correctly but one thing: sometimes (let say 1 over 10 times) the boot hangs without reaching the windows desktop. In that cases, all the remote access services are working (SMB, telnet, web) but the display remains on the boot stage.

What could be the problem? Should I configure the boot stage differently in the registry?

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The issue you’re experiencing with the Colibri iMX6DL where it occasionally hangs at boot without reaching the Windows Embedded Compact 7 desktop, despite remote access services being operational, could be attributed to several factors. Given that you’ve migrated from a T20 module to an iMX6, it’s important to consider both software and hardware differences that could impact the boot process.

  1. Display Configuration: Ensure that the display settings configured for the T20 are compatible with the iMX6. The iMX6 may require different settings due to its distinct hardware architecture and capabilities. Verify the display driver settings in the registry and adjust them according to the iMX6’s specifications.

  2. Power Management: Investigate the power management settings, as improper configuration could lead to the system hanging during boot. The iMX6 series has different power management features compared to the T20, and ensuring these are correctly configured in the Windows Embedded Compact 7 is crucial.

  3. Bootloader Configuration: The U-Boot environment variables (for the iMX6) might need adjustments, especially if you’ve migrated settings directly from the T20. Verify that the boot arguments and environment variables are correctly set for the iMX6’s hardware, focusing on display and memory configurations.

  4. Debugging: Utilize serial debugging to capture the boot log. This can provide insights into where the boot process is hanging. Look for errors or warnings related to drivers or services that fail to initialize properly.

  5. Software Updates: Ensure that you’re using the latest version of the BSP (Board Support Package) and firmware for the iMX6DL. Updates often include fixes for stability issues that could resolve the boot hang problem.

  6. Hardware Compatibility: Verify that all hardware components connected to the iMX6 are compatible and properly configured. Since you’ve migrated from a T20 to an iMX6, there might be differences in how certain peripherals are managed or initialized during boot.

While these steps are not exhaustive, they provide a starting point for troubleshooting the boot hang issue. Since the problem occurs intermittently, it might be related to timing or initialization sequences that vary slightly from boot to boot. Careful examination of the boot process and system configuration should help in identifying and resolving the issue.

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Could you please enable Debug Messages over Serial and collect boot logs for both cases? By the way, does the Remote Display work OK in case of a faulty boot?

I managed to resolve just few hours ago, at the end to resolve I had to assign launch dependencies to dmsrv.exe (it hadn’t any dependency on the default registry from the Toradex image)