Colibri imx6 : visual studio 2013 I2C example

I have created a Visual basic2013 (Professional) as target WEC2013(Toradex SDK) , but could not found how to import the
I2C librarys , I tried to add a reference TdxAllLibrariesDll.dll but an error message appears that the refenerece to higher version cannot added .
The given link is writed in visual studio 2008 . do you have example for visual studio 2013 ?

We have a Windows Embedded Compact 2013 version of our DLL that runs on WEC2013 and is built using our TORADEX_CE800_SDK.
You should be able to use it from your VB application, but you need to use pinvoke to call it’s functions, you can’t simply reference it from Visual Basic. We have some C# samples in our download package, if this could help.