Colibri IMX6 Linux image V2.7 SPI user space access

I recently upgraded to linux image v2.7 using the Easy Installer on my Colibri IMX6.

On the older image (v2.4_20150518 that the unit shipped with) I used to see an spi device when I typed ls /dev/spi* which I used in my user space application to drive an SPI slave. The slave was connected to pins 8-11 on X16 connector on the Iris carrier board.

Have I lost this feature with the new image?

MCP2515 is enabled by default in the 4.1 kernel for iMX6. One would have to enable spidev and disable MCP2515 here. You may also find Device Tree Customization and Build U-Boot and Linux Kernel from Source Code articles helpful.

For now I plan to stay with the Toradex supplied image since I am not confident about customizing the image.

With the Toradex supplied image I assume there are no signals on pins 8-11 on the Iris carrier board X16 connector?

Is there documentation on what signals are available on the Iris carrier board X16 connector with the new V2.7 image?

If MCP2515 is enabled by default are these signals available on the Iris Carrier board?

Iris does not have MCP2515. To use SPI on pins 8-11 on the Iris carrier board X16 connector, one has to make the change in device tree as pointed earlier.