Colibri imx6 BOOT_MODE pins

I am developing a carrier board for the Colibri IMX6 module and plan to connect a serial Flash or EEPROM to the SPI interface. Using the Toradex Pinout Designer the BOOT_CFG GPIO boot override pins are available in the STRAPPING section. I would like to add a circuit to the strapping pins to allow the option to boot from the ECSPI connected memory device. The BOOT_MODE[0:1] pins are not available on the SODIMM 200 connector and the datasheet does not specify how they are connected on the module. If the BOOT_MODE pins are configured for “Boot From Fuses mode” the GPIO boot override pins will be ignored. I do not plan to boot from ECSPI but I would like to add the option. How are the BOOT_MODE pins connect to select the boot mode for the Colibri IMX6? Also the EIM_EB2 (BOOT_CFG4[6]) used for EEPROM recovery is not available on the SODIMM 200 connector, how is this pin connected on the module?


We do fuse BT_FUSE_SEL to 1 at manufacturing time.
(And we fuse the other boot related fuses so that the module boots from the on module eMMC).

Thus you can not set the boot device with strapping options.

The BOOT_MODE[0:1] pins are strapped to “Boot From Fuses” mode on the module.

In the Colibri iMX6 Datasheet, ‘Recovery Mode’ chapter one can see the location of an unassembled resistor which can be used to change BOOT_MODE to “Serial Downloader” mode.