Colibri iMX5DL 512MB V1.1A display dark


I switched my SOM from Colibri T30 to Colibri iMX6DL 512MB V1.1A and now my display stays dark.

I managed to install a Toradex default Windows Embedded Compact 2013 image using the pre-installed Toradex Easy Installer despite seeing almost nothing but it’s still dark.

Seeing nothing makes it hard to debug this issue…

I can set the display brightness on the T30 using this C# function, but it doesn’t work on the iMX6 and I haven’t found out what are the correct settings for it to work.

public const int TEGRA3_PRESCALE_5kHz = 70;
public const int TEGRA_PERIOD = 256;
public const Int32 PWM_A = 59;
	public static void DisplayBrightnessT30(uint brightness)
		var altFunctionA = 1;
		var channel_a = 0;

		if (!_runPMW)
			NativeMethods.SetPinLevel(30, 0);
			NativeMethods.SetPinAltFn(71, -1, true);
			NativeMethods.SetPinAltFn(NativeDefinitions.PWM_A, altFunctionA, true);
			NativeMethods.InitPWM(channel_a, TEGRA3_PRESCALE_5kHz, TEGRA_PERIOD);
			_runPMW = true;

		NativeMethods.SetPWMDutyPercentage(channel_a, (int)brightness);

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Could you please specify type of display you are talking about and its interface . And carrier board you are using.
You should set proper display output port either by registry or by eboot settings. Please note UseSplashSettings registry key.
You can use Remote Display to access GUI if display is unavailable.

Thank you very much for your help. I don’t know why I wasn’t thinking of Remote Display before…

Using iMX6 GPIO V1.1 I was able to set GPIO 41 (Pin 59) to high which solved my problem for now.