Colibri i.MX8X 7" capacitive touch display support


does the i.MX8X support the 7" capacitive touch display using the X2 connector on the SOM?
Since the 7" display uses a 40-pin connector and the X2 connector only has 30 pins, it doesnt seem like it is compatible.

The product description says the display is compatible with the colibri eval. board using the touch adapter, but it doesn’t say anything about the SOM connector.

I need a display for my projectwhich I can drive directly from the i.MX8X LVDS Output, without using any converters.


Hi @svenk ,

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Just so that I understand this correctly. Your goal is to connect the display directly to the SOM without the use of any carrier board in between your display and your SOM?

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Hello @kevin.tx,

I need to use the LVDS output of the i.MX8X on the SOM.
Since the LVDS pins are not on the SODIMM connector but on the X2 connector, I need either a display that can connect to the X2 LVDS connector or some kind of adapter that can convert the LVDS output to RGB.


Hello svenk,

the LVDS connector on the colibri i.MX8X is could be used if you build you own carrier board. Or if you build yourself a custom adapter.
We do not have a prebuild adapter.

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Matthias Gohlke