Colibri i.MX7s to i.MX7D 1GB switch


We have a product based on a Colibri i.mx7s module running a BSP V2.7 based software solution. This solution uses the update commands implemented in UBoot to get the software into the flash memory
Because we ran out of memory while debugging with debug symbols, we decided to switch to the i.mx7d model with 1GB RAM.

In our original implementation we use a UBoot script for getting the image onto the module that is similar to the folloiwng:

bootcmd=run usbupdatepresent
usbupdatepresent=usb start &&  run startusbupdate
startusbupdate=run setusbupdate && run update
setusbupdate=usb start && setenv interface usb && fatload ${interface} 0:1 ${loadaddr} ${board}/flash_blk.img && source ${loadaddr}

The reset of the update takes place in the flash_blk.img that was supplied by your company.

Is there a guid available how to switch between the both modules?

Is there a similar file for the emmc available so that I can flash an ext4 image?

Are there any other things I have to consider when running the software on the new module (it would be okay for us, if the kernel uses only one of the two cores)

I found a solution.

I Downloaded the zipped version of the Easy installer image


Extracted it and replaced the root FS with a tar.xz version of mine.

I also recompiled the


in my kernel image and replaced it. I put all the former contents of the zip archive into the root directory of an SD card, put it into my Iris board, re-activated the EasyInstaller and got everything installed.