Colibri i.MX7D usb pull-down registor

hi experts

i have a Colibri Evalution Board and read the schematics , it showed me that there are two pull-down reisistor 1.5K on USB line (R68, R69) and i checked the board , there are resistors
but on Carrier Board Design Guide, it says no pull-down resistor on USB Line ( revision history and Figure 3)

i use Colibri iMX7D V1.1A, do i remove the regsistor or not

thank you advance

Hi @hyoungki,

Here we would suggest you to give assembly option for those pull down and do not assemble. The reason for same is newer SoC like iMX series they come with internal pull down so it is not required for same.
We have those resistors for our Colibri PXA series of SOMs.

I hope this will answer your query. If you have any question please feel free to reply.

Thanks & Best Regards
Ritesh Kumar

thank you it was of great help , i followed your suggestion