Colibri i.MX6 OpenGL/OpenVG SDK for WEC 2013


Where can I find the WEC 2013 OpenGL/OpenVG SDK (.h and .lib files) for the Colibri i.MX6?


Sorry, typo in “Environment”. It should read Colibri i.MX6DL.

OpenGL includes and libraries are part of our standard SDK.
You can find additional openVG headers and libs here:
Graphics acceleration does not work on Apalis modules using the 1.0 image, and Solo/DL processors don’t have acceleration for openVG in HW.
Apalis support will be complete in release 1.1.

Are you saying the libOpenVG.dll implementation for Colibri i.MX6DL in WEC 2013 is entirely CPU based, and doesn’t utilize the Vivante GC880 graphics controller?

The GPU in i.MX6 Solo and DL does not support openVG acceleration, this feature is available only on dual/quad processors, those we use on Apalis modules.

Thank you for the information, but the i.MX6DL has a libOpenGL.dll on the device. Is that .dll usable? If so, is it a pure software implementation?

You can download the standard open VG “tiger” sample modified to run on Windows CE on i.mx6 (it’s a platform builder project, but you may adapt it to build in Visual Studio).
It runs on colibri and apalis, it leverages some acceleration also on colibri, but not the dedicated openVG one.

Does Issue 10652 - “Add support for the 2D graphics accelerator” scheduled for release in 2016Q2 enable hardware acceleration for OpenVG, or is it unrelated?

It’s unrelated, this will enable a 2D accelerator that can be used for bitmap and other operations performed by GDI.