Colibri EVK Ver 3.2 SODIMM PIN 77 is not working

We are using Colibri EVK board Ver 3.2 for our application development over Win CE 7 OS. For an external input we are using SODIMM 77 as input mode GPIO in interrupt mode. But interrupt is not triggering when using this pin, however if we use any other pin it works perfectly fine. Like we use SODIMM 75, and it is working fine.

We are using Toradex CE library 2.3-20181011 Int Demo project and just edit the IO in it as 77. Please find our test project in attachment.

Please let us know the reason of failure of this functionality as we are not able to find it.

Bipin Kumar

Dear @bipin7301
There is a bug in the current Gpio Library, which mapped the SODIMM 77 to the wrong GPIO.

I fixed the issue and created a new preliminary library release. You can download this package through the following link:

Regards, Andy