Colibiri iMX6 Audio Driver Fixes in Upcoming 2016Q2 Release

In a previous email with technical support, we asked about the low volume in WEC 2013. We received the following response:

We plan to fix this issue in the upcoming release, at the moment I can provide you a modified audio driver that can be used to adjust headphone output volume. Currently our driver uses only the master volume of the audio chip, additional gain can be obtained by using also the headphones volume, but this may lead to some sound distortion.

We were holding out until the 2016Q2 release, but we don’t see this issue on the schedule posted here:

Is there still a plan to address this in the 2016Q2 release?

I will check this and get back to you.

Q2 release will support an additional registry parameter to set headphone volume. This will allow an higher overall volume, but the correct value to be set will depend on the HW design and audio output device.
We plan to provide a better solution in the long term, but this will not be integrated in next release.