COG browser cannot exit HTML video fullscreen, which Docker image use for COG on Torizon?

Dear Developer Community,

as far as I know, the reference image for Torizon embedded browser is still torizon/kiosk-mode-browser-vivante and it is a very good starting point for development of HTML UI, directly available and documented in Torizon KB. In general COG/WPE is less resources-hungry than Chromium, so I believe COG should become the default choice, in general I’m very satisfied with COG as embedded kiosk browser.

There is an issue with the full screen control of HTML video tag on the current version of COG: one can put video in full screen mode, but cannot exit. You can reproduce the simple flow using this W3school example page. The same feature is working in Chromium, but Chromium is not an option because one can get other problems with resources.

The COG version in torizon/kiosk-mode-browser-vivante:2.4.0 is almost the same of the debian bullseye package, we have tried the both and the result is the same. It seems the fullscreen API was released in libwpe 2.33.90, close to that builds.

torizon@3406c688c6cc:/$ cog --version
0.8.1 (WPE WebKit 2.32.3)
"": "kiosk-mode-browser-vivante",
"container.version": "2.4.0-20210825",
"git.branch": "bullseye",
"git.hash": "c8e623f7605b2cc3ba4ecabdc949b598c1015b9f",
"": "20839"
torizon@678bc7d095fa:/$ cog --version
0.8.1 (WPE WebKit 2.34.4)

Does Torizon project plan to have COG as primary embedded browser and/or to have a dedicated torizon/kiosk-mode Docker image for COG?
Do you think a newer release, other than the one from Debian, could solve the “exit fullscreen mode” issue?

Thanks for the attention and best regards,

Greetings @ldvp,

For the time being we plan to offer both Chromium and Cog together as alternative embedded browsers. The reason we do not particularly favor one over the other is there are still various use cases that only Chromium or Cog can fill. Therefore we offer both and leave it up to customer discretion which is more suitable for their use case.

As for your full-screen issue, I was able to see a similar issue on my end. I’m unsure if the newer libwpe will fix this, but it could be worth a try. Though this is probably more of a question for the Cog maintainers/community rather than Toradex.

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Thanks for your answer, then I’ve followed your suggestion and opened the issue on COG GitHub.

Thank you for doing that, I’m curious myself to what their answer to this would be.