Codesys: Torizon container - No peripherals

Hi team,

A customer is following our documentation for the Codesys container, and it seems that some peripherals are not included (most GPIO, SPI, I2C…) in the device descriptor. Only the mentioned LED+button in the documentation, but it only in virtual space (and not mapped into any real SoMs GPIO).

I believe we should have a more complete device descriptor with all peripherals and such already created and mapped into its real world counterparts. Do we have this uploaded somewhere?

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What is currently supported - possible workarounds:

Theoretically, for a PoC, customer can control peripheral devices:

Over the network with EtherCAT or Modbus TCP.
We planned a demo using an EtherCAT industrial IO module (Beckhoff EK1100 , only it has been backlogged. If you think this would be useful, please let me know.

Over the serial with Modbus.

How can we proceed to support other SoM hardware peripherals out-of-the-box

It would be possible to ask CODESYS to support it. Backing up this requirement with a real-world customer committed, the request might have more impact and CODESYS may feel more tempted to do it.
As a notice, even if they theoretically agree on that, from history of collaboration it might take some time until CODESYS actually delivers something.
Some things we can do with regards to this particular customer
We can try to better understand the customer exact requirements and later put them in contact with CODESYS.
If customer is willing to have a custom paid solution, we can put them in contact with partners as well, namely BE.Services and neXo (