Codesys Software PLC Solution on iMX6


I’m interested in the Codesys Software PLC Solution:

However, I want to make sure whether this solution supports EtherCAT master or not, and whether i need an extra license to be able to work with EtherCAT master. Thanks in Advance.

Best regards, Majd

Hi Majd,

Technically our demo supports EtherCAT master, however for some implementations a special or optimized driver could be necessary depending on your RT requirements.

About the license costs for Codesys and any extra cost for the driver I would recommend you to directly contact 3S Solutions: 3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH - Toradex Service Partner

Some of our partners which are specialized to integrate Codesys into our hardware:

BE-Services: GmbH - Toradex Service Partner

Nexo: neXo - Toradex Service Partner

They should be able to give you better guidance about these costs.

We presented a demo at Embedded World 2019 where our i.MX6-based Apalis module (Apalis iMX6) was a Master of two servomotors and an IO Slave on a EtherCAT Network, you can check this here: Toradex at Embedded World 2019: Highlights - YouTube