Codesys container not working with Verdin board


We are trying to run Codesys runtime environmemt using Verdin iMx8MM 2GB module and Verdin development board. I installed torizonCore using Toradex Easy Installer.
I followed this instructions and pulled torizonextras/codesys (I was instructed that the partner image from Codesys is not HW dependent).

 docker pull torizonextras/codesys
 docker run --rm -dt --name codesys --network host --privileged torizonextras/codesys

Nothing happened, i then run image without the -d argument:

docker run --rm -dt --name codesys --network host --privileged torizonextras/codesys

I’ve got this:

********* CoDeSysControl DEMO VERSION - runs 2 hours*********



docker ps -a showed that codesys container is not running.

This is TorizonCore version:

Linux verdin-imx8mm-06612156 4.14.170-4.0.0-devel+git.60f8ee9af1da #1-TorizonCore SMP PREEMPT Wed Jun 24 11:43:05 UTC 2020 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux

I already came across similar problem, but the problem was with Colibri.

Greetings @spasoye,

The codesys demo container was created before the time of the Verdin family. Therefore I don’t believe we ever tested/validated the platform with this demo. Furthermore I’m checking the article again and it actually states here:

“CODESYS for NXP i.MX8 modules are only available under NDA. Contact us to learn more and get the CODESYS Partner Demo Container for NXP i.MX8 forwarded to you.”

So actually with that being said let me reach out internally here on my side and see what I can get you.

Best Regards,

As @jeremias.tx mentions, this specific demo was prepared before the Verdin was released. That said, we can confirm that CODESYS would run as container with Torizon on the Verdin platform as well.
Both as CODESYS Premium System Partner and Toradex partner, we work quite a lot on Toradex products and implement CODESYS for different clients.
@spasoye, if your enquiry is based on a specific project or requirement, please do not hesite to contact us so we can help you out with this.
You can find more information on our website:

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We are looking for an EtherCAT/Master solution in our project. We checked Codesys with EC/Master on RPI3 and it works. So also we are trying to get work the Codesys on Verdin iMX8M Mini.
I followed the tutuorial on Codesys container on Verdin iMX8M Mini, and I got the same result as @spasoye. I got the error message below.

oops: 162021-03-07T17:54:33.644592800Z container die 219bcf4ea1243850980266b0b7f49d44989a37809d710d9ac6b4a40355543dc5 (exitCode=16, image=torizonextras/codesys, name=codesys)

Is there any workaround to get work the container? @boulite @jeremias.tx


CODESYS would run as container on Verdin as well. Possibly that evaluation prepared by CODESYS GmbH needs modifications to run on the Verdin. Since they prepared it, i would recommend contacting them ( and ask for their support or an update of the demo container.
We, at, can help you as System Integrator but since we did not prepare that specific demo, we cannot modify it. I hope this helps.