Codesys Container CAN enabled?

Does the CAN bus interface work with Codesys Partner Containers? Can CANopen devices be connected via this?

Greetings @peregrin,

You’ll most likely need to customize your own container based on the Codesys container. Though it should be possible, please see the article here about using CAN in containers:

In general you’ll need to install some utilities like iproute in the container, so that you can enable/configure the CAN bus. These tools can just be added to the Codesys Container and CAN “should” work as long as you follow all the notices in the article I linked.

Though it should be noted the Codesys Container we provide is just a simple static demo. If you actually want to do something more with interfacing CAN and codesys then you’ll need to work on a actual solution. If you need help for this we have partners that specialize in such as listed here:

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