Clone mode not work with multi display in apalis imx8qp

Hi Everyone,

My product is need to clone the LVDS and HDMI, the LVDS is primary.
I have already configure these display successful, but it is extended mode.
I enable by device tree overlay (that i have a little bit modified) in /boot/overlays.txt

I add the “same-as=” in [output] weston.ini, but after reboot, both LVDS and HDMI not display.

apalis-imx8_hdmi_overlay.dts (863 Bytes)
apalis-imx8_panel-lvds-dual-channel-1080p_overlay.dts (971 Bytes)
weston.ini (776 Bytes)
weston.log (5.8 KB)


I attached the device tree and the weston.ini, weston.log

I investigate it for one week and try many solution on the internet but not work.
Please help,

Apalis iMX8QP 2G v1.1C
TDX Wayland with XWayland 5.7.2+build.21 (dunfell)

hey @HieuNong,

This same topic has been brought up, and it looks like there is a work around that has been posted via the nxp link given in this thread:


Hi @eric.tx ,

Thank you for your reply.
The nxp link mentioned is applied for iMX6 series not for iMX8 (not use fbdev). I also try it before i post but not work.

Hi All,

I configured successfully for clone / mirror mode. Thank you all.

I follow below link to apply the patch.

And add clone-from section:



This is my patch:
clone-from-LVDS-to-HDMI.patch (34.7 KB)

After rebuild yocto and install new image. The clone will work.

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Wow @HieuNong thanks a lot for taking the time to not only solve this but to report back for future reference. This is very much appreciated!


Hi @HieuNong
This patch is not worked on weston 10. Do you have clone patch for weston 10 ?

hi @bhavanihimanshu

No, i am not try, i am using bsp 5.7.2 for my project, and everything already setup success, i have not plan to use latest BSP 6.x.y it take many effort.