Clone linux image from imx7D 512 platform

I am looking for a method to extract the whole Linux image of one Colibri imx7D 512 to an external USB.
Is there a way to do it from uBoot? if not, can we do it with a command like ‘dd’ over Linux terminal?


You can use the Toradex Easy Installer to mount the rootfs and boot partition in Linux and copy the content to a USB Drive.

Unfortunately dd is not possible due to the fact that Colibri iMX7D uses raw NAND which does not allow to easily clone on a flash level due to bad blocks.

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why not tar everything to USB, except your storage mountpoint and perhaps /tmp? Then you could untar it on your Linux PC/VM and mkfs.ubifs to create ubi image. You could also mount NFS share of your Linux PC/VM and cp -a all files to NFS share without extra tar/untar step.