Clone eMMC for replication Apalis imx6


I am working with an Eagle board from Diamond Systems which has an Apalis imx6 carrier board. I would like to make an image of the system with the code running on it for replication purposes.

I have had a look at this article “how to clone embedded linux on emmc based toradex modules” and have had no luck from step 1 “Activate UMS feature”

Apalis iMX6 # ums 0 mmc 0                                                       
UMS: disk start sector: 0x0, count: 0x760000                                    
g_dnl_register: failed!, error: -19                                             
ERROR: g_dnl_register failed                                                    
at common/cmd_usb_mass_storage.c:107/do_usb_mass_storage()                      
Apalis iMX6 # 

Since that did not work, I then tried to use the dd command with the source being /dev/mmcblk0 and output to the sd card /dev/mmcblk1. Copying seemed to work but flashing it to a second board with run setupdate didn’t.

How can I make an image of my system for replication purposes?

I would be grateful for any help.

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What exact hardware and software versions of things are you talking about?

uname -a info: Linux apalis-imx6 3.14.52-00009-g786c368 #20 SMP Sat Jun 17 11:27:18 IST 2017 armv7l GNU/Linux

hardware: The board I’m working with is EGL-MX6-Q2G-XT from Diamond System. It’s an ARM SBC using Toradex Apalis iMX6.

HI Jennifer

Thanks for the Information. Which OS are you using on your host?
Did you connect the OTG cable to your carrier board?
How did you connect the carrier Board to your Host?

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Hi Jaski,

The OS is Angstrom. I use SSH to connect from my PC to the board.
This is the link to the description of the Eagle Board

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All good now. Many thanks!

Hi Jennifer

Thanks for the Link. You need to connect a USB cable between the Eagle Carrier Board and put it to peripheral mode as explained in the section 11.5 of the Manual of the Eagle Carrier Baord. This should make ums 0 mmc 0 work in U-Boot.

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Perfect that it works. Thanks for the feedback.