Clone Display Output on HDMI and DSI-to-LVDS; Dahlia Verdin-IMX8MP


I have a Dahlia board with Verdin-IMX8MP and DSI-to-LVDS Adapter. I’m using Multimedia-Reference Image with Yoco.
I have 2 Displays, HDMI Display on Dahlia board HDMI connector and a custom LVDS Display on DSI-to-LVDS Adapter. Both Displays are working fine, Display is expanded, so I can move cursor from one Screen to the other.

My Question: Is it possible to show same Screen (clone Screen) on both Displays? How?
Do I have to modify device-tree or weston.ini?

I found a lot of discussions but nothing worked for me. Should not be that extraordinary case. It’s almost the same constellation like with Toradex LVDS Display (Capacitive Touch Display 10.1" LVDS | Toradex Developer Center).

Thanks for help!!

Hi @ImHei ,

As far as I know we have this in the following documentation. Please check the comment about the limitations.

Let me know if that worked.

EDIT: Sorry I misinterpreted screen cloning/mirroring with screen sharing. My bad

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Hello @ImHei ,

Were you able to solve your issue with the info provided by @kevin.tx? If so, could you please mark his answer as a solution?

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Hello @kevin.tx , Hello @josep.tx,

sorry for the late response.
@kevin.tx : Thanks for your anwer, but I did not solve the problem yet.

I didn’t have the time for further research , so we used expanded Display for first prototype (was good enough). Maybe I have the time when project gets into next step…


Hello @ImHei,

No worries, keep us updated about your progress in this topic.

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